Style Steal: More Affordable Alternatives to High Fashion Handbags

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a happy new year.  Today I am going to show you guys 5 examples of bags that are similar to higher end ones for a much more affordable price. Some of these “dupes” are still on the pricier side, but are definitely cheaper than the higher end ones. Nonetheless, I hope this post helps you when looking for a new bag to add to your closet:)

Rebecca Minkoff vs. Givenchy

The Perry Satchel by Rebecca Minkoff retails at $495 as opposed to Givenchy’s Antigona Medium Leather Satchel which retails at $2,435.

IMG_0310                                  IMG_0313

Daily Look vs. Chloe

Daily Look’s Classic Saddlebag Purse retails at $19.99 compared to the Medium Marcie by Chloe which retails at $1,395.

IMG_0314                                   IMG_0319

Daily Look vs. Celine

Daily Look’s Mini Structured Handbag retails at $49.99 while Celine’s Nano retails at about $3,000 (I could not find the current price; this bag is unavailable online).

          IMG_0316                              IMG_0318

Tory Burch vs. Prada

The Robinson Double Zip Tote by Tory Burch has a price of $575 while Prada’s Saffiano Double-Zip Mini Crossbody is at $1,850.

              IMG_0321                           IMG_0322

Fossil vs. Saint Laurent

The Sydney Satchel by Fossil has a price of $178 while the Small Duffel Bag by Saint Laurent has a price of $1,990.

  IMG_0326                         IMG_0325

xoxo, B


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