The Petite Bloguese is Back!!! (and better than ever)

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I know its been months since the last time I posted. The truth is, I just wasn’t enjoying my blog. I loved the idea of blogging, but I just didn’t feel as if my blog was really me. It was just all over the place with no organization or schedule. From now on, I am going to be posting every Monday. That way, I have a set goal of when to blog and post instead of posting five things one week and then nothing for five months. Of course, there may be times that I post an extra blog on certain weeks if there is something going on that I feel is important to share or if it is during fashion month or events like so where I want to post more about what is going on in the industry.  Also, I changed the set up of my blog. I personally like this better than my previous ones. I finally feel that this blog is really me!

I hope you all enjoy the new and improved The Petite Bloguese, back and better than ever.

xoxo, B


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