Gym or Netflix? I think we would all chose to stay on our couches and watch Netflix all day instead of heading out to the gym. At least I know I would! However, it is important to keep in shape and be healthy. Personally, I rather do my own at home workout instead of going to the gym, so I decided to share my routine with you all. They are very basic and anyone can do them!


NEVER forget to warm up before doing any type of intense work out. To warm up, I like to first stretch my arms and legs before doing any other work out. After that I like to begin by doing 20 jumping jacks to pump my heart up.


I like to next do a simple 10 minute workout on the elliptical. You can also do this on a treadmill. If you do not own an elliptical bike or treadmill, then you can run for 10 minutes outside. Also, be aware that if you have not worked out or ran in a while, 10 minutes may be too intense at first. There is no shame in that! You can start by running for 3-5 minutes and work your way up. It is good to push yourself, but only to a certain extent.


After I do my 10 minute run on the elliptical, I like to then do 25 squats. After that, I usually do 20 calf raises, then 15 push-ups, and finally, a 30 second plank.

**Important things to keep in mind: DO NOT push yourself to do things you are not capable of doing. It is okay to not be able to complete all these workouts at once if you are unable to do so. Again, you can start little by little and work your way up. Also, If you feel light-headed and dizzy, STOP what you are doing, drink plenty of water, and rest. Throughout all these exercises, keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

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xoxo, B

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