You TOO can have hair like Blake Lively

Anyone else obsessed with Blake Lively?! She is FLAWLESS. One of my favorite things about her is her gorgeous blonde locks. Her hair is so voluminous, on point, and seems really healthy considering the fact that she does use a lot of heat on it. Well, while I was looking online for tips to help keep my hair smooth and healthy, I stumbled upon an interview of Blake Lively from a few years ago. She admits that before shampooing, she applies coconut oil at the ends of her hair to keep that natural smoothness and shine. I tried this out myself and it works! The best part is, you can buy coconut oil pretty much anywhere for a decent price. Well there you have it, you TOO can have hair like Blake Lively!

Alguien más esta obsesionada con Blake Lively?! Esta HERMOSA. Una de mis cosas favoritas de ella es su cabell0. Su pelo tiene mucho volumen, esta bien arreglado, y se ve sano considerando todo el daño que le ha hecho con quemarlo. Pues, cuando estaba buscando tips para tener mi cabello suave y sano, encontre una entrevista de ella de hace unos años. Ella dijo que antés du usar shampoo, se pone aceite de coco en el pelo para que su pelo este sano, suave, y brilloso. Intenté usar este truco y si funciona! Lo mejor es que puedes comprar aceite de coco en muchos lugares y no es caro. Pues ahí esta, tu tambien puedes tener pelo como Blake Lively!

xoxo, B


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  1. Ah I wish I could have hair like Blake. When I put coconut oil in it just makes my hair insanely greasy BUT it does smell lovely after.


    1. Maybe try putting a little bit less amount! It also makes my hair oily if I put too much or if I put a lot near the roots of my hair. It’s always best to use a little bit at the ends of the hair:)

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      1. Ah good tip!!! I’ll give it a try. Thanks! Xx.

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      2. Anytime! Thanks for taking the time to read my post:)

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  2. vivalaViv says:

    Blake Lively is stunning! She could do no wrong in my book!! 😉 Great post! Thank you.

    Vivienne X

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