Throw the Ultimate Sleepover that Blair Waldorf Would Approve Of

Gossip Girl is my absolute favorite TV show of all time! I just love the characters (except Jenny lol), the fashion, the drama, and the parties. One of my favorite episodes is when Blair throws her annual sleepover party. The difference between Blair’s sleepovers and everyone else’s sleepovers is that Blair’s is luxurious, fabulous, sophisticated, and dreamy. If only we can all have her life! Anyways, today I want to help you guys with some tips on how to throw the ultimate sleepover party that Blair Waldorf would approve of!

Gossip Girl es mi programa de televisión favorito! Me encanta los personajes (excepto Jenny lol), la moda, el drama y las fiestas. Uno de mis episodios favoritos es cuando Blair tiene su ‘sleepover’ anual. La diferencia entre los ‘sleepovers’ de Blair y los ‘sleepovers’ de todos los demás es que los de Blair son de lujo, son fabulosos, y son sofisticados. Imaginate tener su vida! De todas formas, hoy les quiero ayudar con algunos consejos sobre cómo tener el mejor sleepover que Blair Waldorf aprobaría!

Cute PJs

First things first, you need some cute PJs! Maybe some cute striped ones or some nice satin ones like these from Victoria’s Secret.

Sleep Masks

If there is something we all know about Blair, it’s that she LOVES her sleep masks. Try these for you and your guests!


I would keep things simple when it comes to decor, but add some peonies (Blair’s favorite flowers!) around the area. Maybe even some nice jars to keep treats and snacks too.

Bed Set-Up

Blair always has Dorota put a couple of mattresses along the living room floor. Now, you probably don’t have that many mattresses, but perhaps you have some air mattresses or sleeping bags to set up in a similar way. Ask your guests to bring their favorite blankets and pillows too.


You HAVE to have an awesome playlist. Ask your friends what they would like to hear. I personally suggest Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, etc.


Now, Blair loves her champagne, but I personally would suggest something a little more age appropriate:) I would serve Izze sparking drinks in plastic champagne glasses instead. You can of course also serve tea, sodas, etc.


I would serve finger food, since it is easiest to serve and clean up. I would also have some popcorn for the movie watching.


If there is something you CANNOT leave out, they would be macarons! Ladurée macarons are hard to get, and also expensive, but Trader Joe’s has some yummy frozen ones you can prepare at home. Also try serving candy, chocolates, ice cream, etc.


Blair loves her pampering, so I would offer some nice facials for your guests as well. Try this Lush mask that all of your guests will love. Or, you can do the classic avocado and cucumber facial, which is also nice and less expensive!


It isn’t a real sleepover if you don’t do each other nails and makeup! Set up trays with your favorite makeup brands and nail polishes and pamper each other.


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! I love polaroids, and I think they are a fun way to take pics of each other. You can even set up a “photo booth” and take pictures this way too with some fun props and costumes.


Of course, you NEED to watch at least one episode of Gossip Girl! Also, watch some of your favorite chick flicks. I personally recommend Clueless, Mean Girls, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Blair’s favorite movie!).

xoxo, B

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