An It-Girl’s Guide to a Beach Vacation


While everyone else will be wearing Lilly dresses alike (not that there’s anything wrong, it’s just very typical), you, the ultimate cool girl, will be turning heads and dropping jaws. Being an it-girl doesn’t mean that everyone knows your name. It means they will never forget you and they will forever be in awe by your presence. This summer, you will stand out in the crowd, and your beauty and style will leave an impact on anyone that lays eyes on you. You will forever be remembered as that cool and mysterious girl, the girl who wore a rucksack instead of a clutch, the girl who wore a dark vampy lip and no other makeup, and the girl who walked with the utmost confidence: not because she knows she’s the best, but because she knows she is different. Here is your it-girl guide to a beach summer vacation.

Mientras todo mundo se pone vestidos de Lilly Pulitzer (y otras cosas típicos), tu, la chica cool, vas a soprender a todos que te ven. Simplemente porque no sepan tu nombre no quiere decir que no se van a recordar de ti. Este verano durante tus vacaciones, tu vas a ser diferente, y tu belleza y tu estilo seran lo que todos admiran. Se van a recordar de ti como la chica cool y misteriosa, la chica que usó un backpack en lugar de una bolsa de salir, la chica que solo se puso un lipstick color vino y nada más de maquillaje, y la chica que caminaba con la máxima confianza, porque ella sabe que es única. Esta es tu guía para tus vacaciones a la playa de este verano.

Don’t be like the rest of them darling. -Eudora Welty

IMG_3512This summer I am sure you will be spending a lot of time by the pool and on the beach. Everyone seems to prefer bikinis over any other swim suit. While bikinis are still awesome, I think it is time to bring back some fun one-pieces too. This one from Calvin Klein looks like a bikini from the back, but it is in fact a one-piece. It is just the right amount of sexy and just the right amount of sporty. Plus, the fact that it is black just makes it even more mysterious and cool. As a bathing suit cover-up, Levi’s cut-offs are great, but try wearing a button up shirt some days. Grab one from your boyfriend’s or your brother’s closet and wear it either open like a robe or buttoned up. Either way, it’s different but also extremely comfortable. Transition it from a cover-up to a dress when going out. Button it up completely and tie a silk scarf around your waist for more definition to your waist, or don’t tie it and keep it loose and wear a bandana around your neck. Style it with some tall gladiator sandals, like these from Stuart Weitzman.

IMG_3515This look is so laid-back, but it is such a statement too. It’s as if you just rolled out of bed, wore the first shirt you found in the hotel room. The balance between the male shirt and the feminine shoes are the perfect combo. For other nights, you may  want to wear a more feminine dress. A slip dress is so Kate Moss: it is effortless and sexy and just the right dose of girly.

IMG_3527For a more nineties vibe, wear a white t-shirt underneath. This slip dress with this choker is just the perfect outfit for a night out this summer. For your vacay, you may not always want to wear a dress, so leather shorts with a white t-shirt and black booties is another cool outfit for an edgier look. 

Wear a black bra under your white blouse, like two notes on a sheet of music. -How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

Some cool shades with a 60’s vibe like these Ray-bans top this evening look (who says you can’t wear shades at night?) IMG_3514

And what about a bag? Every body carries a small purse or clutch when going out, so why should you? Personally, I think backpacks are way cooler. (Click here for some backpack inspiration!) This Burberry rucksack screams “it-girl.” No one does cool quite like Burberry. And finally, for beauty, don’t pack too much. Wearing a ton of makeup is unattractive and unnecessary. Being in the sun all day will already give you a natural and bronzey glow, so there is no need to cover it up with tons of makeup. With one swipe of a dark burgundy lipstick, you are set to go. Try Burberry’s Oxblood to achieve this look. (And check out my last post for a tutorial where I used this lipstick!) If you must, then a little bit of mascara is good too. Nonetheless, keeping it natural will make you stand out, especially when topped off with a shade of lipstick like this. One last thing: Tom Ford. Tom Ford can do no wrong, and his new fragrance, Soleil Blanc, is a perfect example. It’s beachy scent is so beautiful and so elegant, everyone who smells you will be in a trance. (Click here for some other great summer fragrances!). Needless to say, these items are must-haves for your beach getaway. They all make a statement because they are each so understated. Why dress like everyone else when you can be different? You will forever stay in everyone’s minds;)

A girl that’s been out all day, and say she’s gonna go to a concert at night…she has her rucksack on, and she pulls out a lipstick and she just pops it on. She’s confident, you know, she’s good to go. -Wendy Rowe

xoxo, B

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Image 1: via LOVE Magazine

Image 2: via Bo.Bo Clothing

Image 3: via Pinterest

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