How to Get Flawless Skin


I think we can all agree that we all wish to have perfect and clear skin. We all want to look picture-perfect and flawless sans makeup. Today I want to share with you guys my tips on how I cleared up my skin and made it healthier. Hope this helps!

Creo que todo mundo quisiera tener la cara perfecta. Todos queremos vernos perfectos y tener la cara sin acné cuando no tenemos maquillaje. Hoy les quiero compartir mis tips para poder tener una cara limpia y sana. Espero que esto les ayude!

Wash your face every day, twice a day. Always wash your face in the AM and PM. You should wash your face when you wake up so you have a clean canvas for the rest of the day, especially if you are wearing makeup. Washing your face at night is also very necessary to get rid of all the sweat, dirt, and makeup from the day. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary breakouts.

Moisturize every time you wash your face. To keep your face hydrated, you should apply moisturizer both times when you wash your face. I would recommend one with SPF, like this one from Philosophy (my favorite).

Wear sunscreen. Wearing SPF is very important for your skin’s health. The best thing is to wear it on the daily, but I would also recommend looking for products you use in your routine, like the moisturizer above, that also has SPF. If you wear foundation or a BB cream, then try to find one with sun protection. My favorite BB cream is this one by Burberry, since it has SPF 20. (Check out a previous post where I used this product to create an evening makeup look inspired by Burberry!)

Wear your hair up from time to time. Wearing your hair down everyday can cause more breakouts along the hairline. This is due to the oils and products from your hair. Try wearing your hair up on some days or at least pull back the hairs that frame your face.

Don’t touch your face. You don’t realize how many times you touch your face in a day. Every time you touch your face, you are contaminating it with all the dirt that you have encountered throughout the day. Just be more aware before you touch your face.

Wash your hands before applying face products. Always wash your hands before washing your face, before applying moisturizer, before applying foundation, etc. This is the best way to not contaminate your products and to ensure that you aren’t applying products to your face with dirty hands.

Clean your makeup brushes. This is probably the biggest mistake we all make. I also fall victim of this! You should wash your makeup brushes every week. A lot of times, our breakouts are caused simply by using dirty makeup brushes. I like to wash mine with baby shampoo, since it disinfects and is gentle on the bristles.

Don’t wear foundation every day. It is very important to let your skin breathe! So many people apply foundation/tinted moisturizers/BB creams to cover up their acne. This is a big no! You need to let your skin heal and breathe in order to get rid of the acne. Otherwise, your makeup is only making your skin worse. Try to accustom yourself to wearing any sort of base on special occasions or when you go out at night, etc.

Eat healthier and drink lots of water. What you eat and drink affects your skin. By eating clean and drinking plenty of water, your skin will be clearer and healthier. A lot of our acne is also due to eating too many dairy products. Maybe try drinking almond milk instead of regular milk, for example. Your skin will thank you! (Of course, you may indulge from time to time:))

xoxo, B

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