I am very sorry that I have disappointed you by not posting weekly for a while. I was posting every Monday for almost all of 2016, but I had to stop when I hit my head and got a concussion. Due to that, I needed to take a break from school, so when I was finally able to go back, I needed to catch up a lot. Missing one day in college is a lot, so you can only imagine all the work that I missed and needed to make up for missing over a week. From there I had final exams that I needed to focus on. When I got home from winter break, I started working, which took up much of my time. I apologize for not balancing my time correctly so that I could have articles up even when I was injured. I hope to be able to manage my time better this year so that I won’t disappoint you guys again. Thanks for still supporting me and following me. I have even better things coming your way!

xoxo, B


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